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What a month..’s been a month since my first day of working in this resort..tried to post something at the first two weeks but couldn’t open my eyes longer that I used to..just spent the night to harvest my farm in Farmville..nothing else to do ixixix..but I have new habit during this time..calling Iis almost everynight LOL..despite my clueless of doing nothing since I don’t have television in my room (yet) so I think it’s nice to have someone to talk to..talking about the rubbish things ixixix..
So..what did I have for the past 40 was such a drama for 30 episodes of something.. I just put “the teacher” inside me away for a while..This offer was too good to say no since I had a dream about being a hotelier long time ago but when I decided to wear hijab..I knew that I had to lead my “ship” to the other ways..but we surely never know about the future..right? a wise man says that if you hold your dreams and keep in believing that one day you will have will happen for sure 🙂
From the day one I went to the office.. I knew that I would be the centre of everyone’s eyes because of the hijab but my friend said that I didn’t have to worry about it..I worked for her and she trusted me that I could help her..that’s it..*she is my friend and also my former Operational Manager 😀 * I am not worry actually..I can say that I am proud of it ^^
I am living in one of my dreams…*smiling*
Being an employee who wears hijab in this Istana Pool Villas & Spa is not that easy.. I have a backoffice function but sometimes I have to deal with some guests too..

The scenes of the beach are beautiful..I never feel bored to look at the changing colour of the sea everyday..I like the milky sea..*I call it like that* because you can see the milky surface of the sea in the always happens after the rain at 4 or 5 AM. Unfortunately I hasn’t had the chance yet to take the picture of it. When the Sun shines very bright..I can see the bluish and greenish colours from my desk…I feel blessed 🙂
Learning about hospitality is’s such a new world to explore and unfortunately I also have to learn the tricky things 😦 quite funny and disappointed but can get through it..all the dramas ended with a dramatic “episode” 😦
Someone said to me, ” welcome to the hotelier world ” 😀

About my personal life : I made some friends here..I think it’s good for a newbie, right?
Having some close friends…making new friends…a little bit sad of losing a good friendship with someone..still looking for Mr. Right…wishing to meet him soon…I am living in my ordinary life..I feel nothing but blessed 🙂

One thing that made me feel blue when I walked along the beach was I hoped someone was there with me….


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